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Live Sheep Export Ban in Australia
Australia Government to phase out live sheep exports by 1 May 2028.
Animal Rights Forum: A Review
This year's Animal Rights Forum was a success. Vegan Australia participated at the expo, and attended the educational talks and awards.
The Evolution of Plant-Based Meat
Data from Food Frontier shows that the plant-based meat industry continues to evolve based on consumer preferences.
World Day for the End of Fishing 
WoDEF provides an opportunity to condemn the exploitation of fish, and express solidarity with them.
Animal Rights Forum
ARF is returning to Melbourne in February. The event will include a day of activism, Animal Justice Awards, an expo, and over 30 speakers.
Picture of a pink adult pig in a paddockGuide to Making a Submission to the Victorian Pig Welfare Inquiry
Would you like to make a meaningful impact to the lives of farmed pigs? If so, we need you!
A white turkey called Veronica lying on her side and looking interested in something.Help us to cherish every life!
Sponsor a rescued turkey such as beautiful Veronica, pictured at Where Pigs Fly Sanctuary, this Christmas and support turkeys, not turkey dinners!
Plant Based Treaty
PBT aims to halt the widespread degradation of critical ecosystems caused by animal farming.
This documentary will be made from many smaller videos, shot by you and other vegans around the world--a collaborative, global ethical film. 
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