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Vegan Australia provides services to help new and existing vegans. These include the lists and guides below. If there is anything else you feel could be helpful, please contact us.

Vegan health practitioners
Are you looking for advice about health issues or vegan nutrition? We have put together this list of vegan health practitioners in Australia. While th...
Vegan farmed animal sanctuaries
Just a few years ago there were only a handful of farmed animal sanctuaries in Australia. Now they can be found in nearly all states of Australia. The...
Top 6 free vegan films
Vegan Australia has put together this list of the top six vegan films you can watch online for free. These feature-length documentaries cover animal r...
30 Day Vegan Easy Challenge
If you have been thinking about going vegan, we recommend the free 30 Day Vegan Easy Challenge to help get you started.
Guide to finding vegan events near you
Vegan events are a great way to meet other vegans, to learn more about veganism and to help raise awareness. Whatever you are interested in, there sho...
In depth reports on Australian animal exploitation industries
In recent years organisations such as Animal Liberation and Voiceless have investigated the treatment of animals in the Australian animal agriculture ...
Our top 8 vegan starter kits
On this page we have gathered together the top 8 vegan starter kits from Australia and around the world to help you get started on becoming vegan.
Vegan organisations in Australia
Whether you are a new vegan, an old timer, or just interested in finding out more, if you would like to meet up with other vegans in person or get inv...
T-shirts for sale
Show your support for animals by wearing a vegan T-shirt. It's a wonderful way to promote veganism and a great conversation starter. Below are a few A...
Vegan Australia is an animal rights organisation that campaigns nationally for veganism. 
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