A white turkey called Veronica lying on her side and looking interested in something.

Help us to cherish every life this Christmas

Let's Make This Christmas A Happy One For Turkeys!

Please help us to make Christmas a time of joy and warmth for all beings. Funds raised from your symbolic adoption will be passed onto farmed animal sanctuaries around Australia to help them care for rescued turkeys.

Yes, I'd like to adopt a turkey


An impressive golden turkey called Kristoff with his tail feathers fanned and a beautiful red throat.

Kristoff, at Greener Pastures Sanctuary, Perth.

Beautiful Kristoff was destined to be Christmas lunch until a brave family member stepped in to rescue him. Kristoff was lucky enough to be taken to Greener Pastures Sanctuary in Perth where he has been living his best, turkey life.

You can help Kristoff, and other turkeys like him, by supporting our treasured Australian farmed animal sanctuaries to care for all animals fortunate enough to find their way to a place of safety.

A small proportion of all donations will go toward the Vegan Australia general fund to help with advocacy, education and campaigning so that we can secure safer futures for all farmed animals in Australia, together.

Thank you for your help - please click through to our Appeal Page here.

Vegan Australia is an animal rights organisation that campaigns nationally for veganism. 
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