Why go vegan?

We care for the animals we share our home with and we get to know their personality and their wants and needs. We form emotional bonds with animals and even see them as members of our family. Most people really care about animals.
Animal agriculture causes more than the suffering of animals. It also impacts people throughout the world, especially the powerless and the poor, in a number of ways.
The havoc caused to the world by the billions of animals we breed, raise and kill for food each year is staggering. The UN has identified animal agriculture as ‘one of the most significant contributors to serious environmental problems’
A well planned 100% plant-based diet is healthy. This is confirmed by a solid body of peer-reviewed scientific evidence. Not only is a vegan diet as healthy as any diet containing animal products, in many aspects it is more beneficial to human health.
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The Vegan Australia Certified program sets the standard for authentic vegan food and products in Australia. Under the program, product makers may display the Vegan Australia Certified logo on licensed vegan items that meet our strict criteria. The logo indicates to your customers that the product does not contain animal ingredients and none of the manufacturing or testing processes involve animals or animal products.
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Veganism: “a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.” Take the promise today.
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By donating to Vegan Australia, you’re championing a cause that seeks to protect our planet, its animals, and our well-being. Your generosity fuels our mission, allowing us to educate, advocate, and inspire. Stand with us in creating a world where vegan values thrive.
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What do our members have to say?


I don't like animals being exploited in any way.

Promise #23

I promise to uphold vegan values forever!

Promise #7

For the animals. Always.

Promise #34

Vegan FTA for life. Vegan Australia is a great goal and a great organisation

Promise #6

I promise to live ethically vegan for life and spread veganism to friends and family.


Promise #110

Veganism is the essence of humanity.

Promise #27
All animals deserve to live in peace. Exploitation of animals should not be tolerated.
Promise #107

My son, (and later my daughter) became vegan for the animals. At first I prepared vegan meals for our health but now am also vegan for the animals and the planet.

Promise #39

"If you are guilty of serious sins, eating vegetables will eliminate bad karma, and if you are not blessed, you will promote good karma." I have been a vegetarian for ten years and am determined to promote vegetarianism throughout my life.

Promise #117
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Latest News

A white turkey called Veronica lying on her side and looking interested in something.

Help us to cherish every life!

Sponsor a rescued turkey such as beautiful Veronica, pictured at Where Pigs Fly Sanctuary, this Christmas and support turkeys, not turkey dinners!
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Plant Based Treaty

The Plant Based Treaty is designed to target greenhouse gas reductions by placing food systems at the heart of our efforts to combat the climate crisis. Modelled after the successful Fossil Fuel Tr...
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"Ethicall" is a feature length documentary that will be made from many smaller videos, shot by you and other vegans around the world--a collaborative, global ethical film. 
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Vegan Australia CEO Dr Heidi Nicholl head shot

Vegan Australia Welcomes New CEO Dr Heidi Nicholl

It's with immense excitement and gratitude that we introduce Vegan Australia's first ever CEO, Dr Heidi Nicholl. Heidi brings a wealth of experience, unwavering dedication and a deep passion for ou...
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Vegan Australia supports YES vote

Justice is a founding principle of Vegan Australia and in keeping with this and in support of the Uluru Statement from the Heart, we urge you to vote Yes in tomorrow's Voice referendum.
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Mass media ignores animal agriculture in climate news

A research collaboration between Faunalytics and Sentient Media has found that very little US media coverage of climate change focuses on animal agriculture, a major source of greenhouse gases.
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World Day for the End of Fishing 2023

Each year, the World Day for the End of Fishing highlights the devastating impact of fishing and fish farming on the trillions of individual aquatic animals raised, caught and killed by the industr...
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NSW Health Nutrition Standards urged to be more vegan focussed

We appreciate that the revised Standards recommend that soy milk non dairy milk alternatives be available. This should be extended to cover all vegan dairy alternatives, including cheese and yogurt.
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Food security inquiry told to shift away from animal agriculture

A government inquiry into food security in Australia has been told to transition the agricultural system away from animal production to other uses of the land. In a submission to the Australian Gov...
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Flave: first all-vegan restaurant chain to be certified by Vegan Australia

Congratulations to Flave for recently becoming the first all-vegan restaurant chain to be certified by Vegan Australia. Offering healthy, tasty and affordable meals, all free from animal products, ...
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Government warned about biosecurity risks of animal agriculture

Vegan Australia has warned the Australian Government of the biosecurity risks of animal agriculture. The Department of Agriculture recently invited comment on Australia's biosecurity system. While ...
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Melbourne among top 10 vegan-friendly cities

Melbourne has been selected by HappyCow as one of the top 10 vegan-friendly cities in the world. 2022 sees a worldwide trend in vegan business growth, with HappyCow reporting more vegan restaurants...
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Vegan Australia is an animal rights organisation that campaigns nationally for veganism. 
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