In depth reports on Australian animal exploitation industries

In recent years organisations such as Animal Liberation and Voiceless have investigated the treatment of animals in the Australian animal agriculture industries. To help your understanding of just how horrific standard farming practices are, we list some of these comprehensive reports below. Some of these industries and practices are not widely known in Australia, so please share with others.

Beef cattle

Beef - Animal Cruelty and Environmental Impacts of Australia's Beef IndustryAnimal Liberation Queensland
At any time there are about 25 million cattle in Australia. Over one million are confined to feedlots. Many will die from disease, mismanagement, or because they are deemed less profitable. 8.5 million cattle will be slaughtered and 1.2 million are packed on live export ships to be slaughtered overseas.


The life of the dairy cowVoiceless
This report offers valuable insights into the emotional stress and physical strain experienced by the modern Australian dairy cow. These emotionally complex animals suffer in many ways throughout their lives, from birth to their early death.

Chickens for meat

From nest to nugget: an expose of Australia's chicken factoriesVoiceless
While Australia claims to be a nation of animal lovers, few of us have had the opportunity to spend time observing or interacting with chickens. If we did, we would discover what science has shown and what some of us already consider common sense: that chickens are sentient beings for whom pain, pleasure and quality of life matters.

Chickens for eggs

Unscrambled: the hidden truth of hen welfare in the Australian egg industryVoiceless
There are over 25 million hens, plus millions of male chicks, who are used by the Australian egg industry every year. This report provides insight into hen suffering and exposes the inherent cruelties in egg farming across all production systems, whether cage, barn-laid and free range.


From paddocks to prisonsVoiceless
When buying bacon, ham and pork, most Australians imagine pigs living in the 'old MacDonald farm' of nursery rhymes, roaming freely and wallowing in the mud. However, the reality of life for 90% of Australian pigs is starkly different and in many ways more sinister. This report aims to stimulate public debate about the conditions in which Australian pigs live.


Big birds, big cruelty: an investigative report into factory farmed turkeys in AustraliaBig birds, big cruelty
This is a significant report about the factory farming of turkeys in Australia presenting the key welfare issues surrounding the industry. This report covers standard abuses such as confinement, mutilation, artificial lighting, genetic alteration and other health concerns. It is part of the Big Birds, Big Cruelty community education project.


Like a duck out of water, an expose of the Australian duck industryAnimal Liberation
The Australian duck industry is shrouded in secrecy. This report exposes many of the hidden truths behind this industry. One of the abuses it has uncovered is water deprivation; these water birds do not have access to water for swimming or bathing, necessary for maintaining their health and wellbeing.


A report on the rabbit meat industry in AustraliaEthical Vegan Earth Research
Most Australians are unaware of the suffering of rabbits in the Australian rabbit meat industry, from the conditions on farms to their barbaric slaughter. This report presents the facts about rabbit farming in Australia and is based on research and undercover farm investigations.

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