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Vegan Australia campaigns through the media by publishing media releases responding to current issues relevant to veganism and announcing new research.

dirty lamb lying downLet's have Generation Peace, not Generation Lamb!
This Australia Day, Vegan Australia is calling for Generation Peace. "We all want a better world for our children, so at every meal let's teach them t...
vegan shirt and burgerGovernment recognises vegan diet as viable option for all Australians
Australia's peak health body, the NH&MRC, has finally recognised that a vegan diet is a viable option for all Australians.
happy pigs in mudVegan Australia says no to Bacon Week
Vegan Australia rejects the assertion by Australian Pork that "It is often said that bacon is the meat that will tempt vegetarians to follow the carni...
herd of sheep in farming conditionsEnd animal use, says Vegan Australia submission on animal welfare
The Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines are currently under review and public submissions have been requested. In its submissions to th...
flag of australiaPlan to turn Australia vegan in 20 years
"The development of a National Food Plan is an opportunity to reflect on our use of animals for food and consider alternative diets and food systems t...
justicia statue with scalesVegans demand a fair go in new dietary guidelines
New government dietary guidelines are unfair to vegans, say vegan groups in their submission on the draft Australian Dietary Guidelines.
A shift to plant based diets must be part of National Food Plan
Transitioning to sustainable, compassionate, vegan, plant based diets should be a priority for Australian food policy, vegan groups said in their sub...
Vegan Australia is an animal rights organisation that campaigns nationally for veganism. 
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