World Day for the End of Fishing 2018

21 Mar 2018

The 2018 World Day for the End of Fishing is coming up this weekend. This is the second year of this international campaign to bring awareness to the plight of the trillions of aquatic animals who are victims of the fishing industry every year.

The event comes just days after the announcement by the Australian government that it will strip back environmental protections in sensitive marine areas, including critical waters near the Great Barrier Reef, in order to support fishing. This is the largest removal of areas from conservation in history.

The World Day for the End of Fishing campaign is part of "Another Perspective on Fishes" which is supported by over 40 organisations around the world. The campaign is being marked by events around with world and includes conferences, exhibitions, marches and street outreach.

Join the campaign this Friday night in Melbourne! As part of this international day, in Australia a World Day To End Fishing event will be held on Friday 23 March 2018 in Melbourne at 8:30pm. Peter Singer, author of Animal Liberation, will be speaking at this event. Find out more event details here.

Please watch this video of Peter Singer's invitation to join the campaign to end fishing:

The scientific community has been slow to accept that fish feel pain, but now the vast majority of biologists and veterinarians agree they do. Fish are similar to dogs, cats, and other animals in their experience of pain and pleasure.

The following short video gives an overview of why we must work to end the exploitation of aquatic animals in fisheries and aquaculture farms.

Please make yourself aware of this important issue, educate others, and participate in the World Day for the End of Fishing. If we do not become their voice, who will hear them?


Vegan Australia is an animal rights organisation that campaigns nationally for veganism. 
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