Vegan Australia Certified turns 2!

17 Jun 2020

The Vegan Australia Certified program is now two years old!

In that time Vegan Australia has certified over 1000 products that meet the high standards we have set for vegan products.

Businesses certifying with Vegan Australia range from small startups to well known national brands. More and more businesses are now catering for the over two million Australians whose diet is all or almost all meat-free and the 10 million Australians who are eating less red meat.

We know that businesses are happy with the results of being certified with Vegan Australia because nearly all of them are renewing their yearly certificates.

New research by the UK Vegan Society has found that an overwhelming majority of people (vegan or otherwise) who were in the market for vegan goods actively seek out vegan verification logos when shopping for new products. For vegan food and drink, over 95% of respondents looked for vegan verification.

Please check out our full certified product list and support businesses that are showing they are producing more ethical, healthy and environmentally friendly products. If you know of any businesses that might be interested in certifying their vegan products, please send them a link to our Get certified page.

Vegan Australia is an animal rights organisation that campaigns nationally for veganism. 
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