Vegan advice: Struggling to change

27 May 2019

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Q: I want to go vegan, I believe in the ideals that it represents, but still I am finding it so hard. Do you have any tips on getting started? - Struggling

Dear Struggling,

First off I want you to give yourself full credit for even thinking about starting out on your vegan journey. That is a step further than most people already. Secondly don't beat yourself up about finding it difficult. Changing the way you eat is hard. You have been eating the same way your whole life and to just flip that switch overnight is really difficult even for the most dedicated people. We humans are creatures of habit.

Some people like to approach veganism by going cold turkey on all animal products, which is great if you can do it. But for a lot of people this approach does not work. A lot of people need to take their time and make the transition slowly. If your aim here is to stop consuming animal products long term, then really you should relax about how long it takes you to get there. Far better to take your time than give up altogether.

There are a number of "slower" approaches you can take to changing your diet. For example you could start by just eating vegan at breakfast for a week or two, then move on to breakfast and lunch, and then breakfast lunch and dinner - until finally you are eating fully plant-based. Other people like to take the "leg" approach. First they stop eating animals with four legs (so beef, pork, lamb) and then they stop eating animals with two legs (poultry) and then animals with no legs (fish!) And then finally give up the dairy and eggs.

There are lots of ways to do it. The important thing is to get started and have confidence in yourself that you can do this. If you want more help with this, feel free to visit my website and checkout my programs.

Georgia xx

Georgia Bamber is a vegan success coach based in the Southern Highlands NSW. Certified in coaching and plant based nutrition she knows a thing or two about embracing a vegan lifestyle. You can find out more about Georgia and how she can help you at

Vegan Australia is an animal rights organisation that campaigns nationally for veganism. 
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