Sizzle For Change

28 Feb 2024

Vegan Australia is excited to announce the launch of our newest campaign: Sizzle For Change. We plan to partner with animal nonprofits and sanctuaries across Australia to help them host sausage sizzle fundraisers. 

  1. Contact Vegan Australia to order discounted plant-based sausages.
    1. Depending on location, we may be able to provide a box of supplies (aprons, napkins, tongs, etc.), training, and/or volunteers.
    2. During the pilot phase of the program, we may be able to underwrite costs associated with the sizzle in return for feedback on training and other aspects of the program.
  2. Apply to host sausage sizzle at your local Bunnings or other venue.
  3. Collect order from your local Woolworths.
  4. Host the sizzle. You keep the earnings!
  • Remove meat from supply chain for that sizzle on that day
  • Normalise plant-based sausages at fundraisers
  • Introduce non-vegans to delicious meat alternatives in a familiar, safe environment
  • Generate revenue for your nonprofit 

Ultimately, we envision hundreds of vegan sizzles happening across Australia. To learn more, contact Elena at

Vegan Australia is an animal rights organisation that campaigns nationally for veganism. 
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