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The Vegan Australia team is supported and guided by a team of hardworking and dedicated volunteer Board members (you can meet our staff and skilled volunteers here), who help Vegan Australia to be an effective vegan advocacy organisation.

Our wider team includes our contractors, especially the team working on our Vegan Australia Certified program, former board directors who have made a huge contribution to where we are today, the talented writers, designers and researchers who have worked on Vegan Australia projects in the past, our generous members and donors, our Vegan Australia Certified business partners and everyone else who plays a part in advancing veganism in Australia. 

If you have a special skill you can share or you'd like to see what opportunities we have for you to help out, we'd love to hear from you. Please see our Volunteer page.

Greg McFarlane

Board Director

Greg decided to go vegan over 25 years ago after learning about the suffering inherent in the egg and dairy industries. A software developer by trade, he has been actively involved in the animal rights and vegan movements for the past 15 years, including as a former committee member and president of Vegan NSW. Recognising the clear need for a national voice for veganism, Greg helped found Vegan Australia as a registered charity in 2014. He was motivated by a strong belief that people and institutions must be encouraged and supported to include animals in their circle of compassion. He often speaks to the media and to government inquiries about a broad range of issues including public health, the environment, animal rights and agriculture. Greg believes that the rights of animals will be best protected by cooperation between like-minded groups both nationally and internationally. 

Favourite quote: "If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others, why wouldn't we?" - Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary

Favourite resources: Books and films have been important influences for Greg, including The Case for Animal Rights, by Tom Regan

Heath Kilgour

Board Director, Chair of the Board

Heath has had a long career in media, marketing, digital and innovation. He has worked in startups (including two of his own) and big organisations such as News Corp, Deloitte and Disney. He holds a bachelor of Business (Marketing) from RMIT University and has completed further qualifications at the Harvard Business School's executive program. Heath is a graduate of the AICD Company Directors course. He has been on the board of the Entrepreneurs' Organization and chaired the finance role. He is a director of Animals Australia and Edgar's Mission. Today, he is an active investor. Heath would like to see many more Australians considering themselves vegan and hopes that Vegan Australia can play a leading role in this important change.

Favourite quote: “If you think eating meat is just a personal choice, you’re forgetting someone.” —  Unknown.

Favourite resources:

Rachael Morris

Board Director

Rachael has been committed to veganism since 2008 and joined the board of Vegan Australia in 2022. She is best known for her role as editor of Nourish Plant-based Living, which she took on in 2019, giving the title the authentic vegan voice it needed. Under her leadership, the magazine has grown its audiences throughout Australia and New Zealand, and has released special editions into North America. The brand further extended its influence by launching the Nourish Vegan Awards in 2020, the first consumer-voted vegan awards for food and lifestyle products in Australia. Coupled with her Masters in Publishing and Communications, Rachael's lived experience of the changing vegan landscape has uniquely positioned her to curate timely, relevant and educational content for the emerging vegan mainstream. Her approach is inclusive, and she believes all forms of vegan advocacy and activism are important in reaching the largest number of people, wherever they are on their vegan journey. With a focus on holistic health and wellbeing, she remains an occasional and unapologetic foodie in these hedonistic vegan times.

Favourite quote: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

Favourite resources: Rachael's obvious favourite is the Nourish Plant-based Living print magazine and website where advice and inspiration from prominent vegan leaders is curated as a resource for new and old vegans alike. She also is a great believer in the power of supported challenge months, such as Vegan EasyNo Meat May and Veganuary.

Vegan Australia is an animal rights organisation that campaigns nationally for veganism. 
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