Reduce or eliminate: which message should vegans give?

05 Feb 2018

All vegans want so see the end of suffering to farmed animals. However, some believe that asking others to eliminate all animal consumption and go vegan is "too much" and so they instead appeal for them to only reduce their meat consumption. This is a confusing message as it is asking people to reduce but not eliminate an ethically wrong behaviour. A new research project by Faunalytics questioned over 3000 participants and concluded that the effectiveness of these two messages ("reduce" and "eliminate") lead to similar behaviour changes. This gives good reason to continue to appeal for the elimination of animal products in our vegan advocacy efforts. According to the research, it works just as well, and it is a much clearer message to understand and may lead to further progress towards adopting veganism.

See the full article here: "Reduce" And "Eliminate": Two Effective Messages For Reducing Meat Consumption

Vegan Australia is an animal rights organisation that campaigns nationally for veganism. 
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