Plant based doctors to tour Australia this summer

13 Dec 2017

The successful 2017 Plant Based Symposium tour featuring Dr Michael Klaper has just wrapped, but this December and January will see more international special guests on our shores. A clinical dietitian and researcher from Dublin, Dr Conor Kerley and cardiologist from Chicago, Dr Kim Williams will present in Melbourne and Sydney. Both practitioners were not taught much about plant-based nutrition in their medical training. Rather, they discovered the concept when looking into the research after being prompted by their own individual health scares. They will be appearing alongside Australian doctors and dietitians as part of three 'Nutrition in Healthcare' Symposium events. The first event is tomorrow, so be quick!

Click on the dates below to find out more or buy tickets. Use code VEGANAUSTRALIA for a 10% discount on Dr Kim Williams' events.

For more information see Raw Events Australia.

Vegan Australia is an animal rights organisation that campaigns nationally for veganism. 
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