New Australian health organisation to promote plant based diet

24 Oct 2018

Doctors For Nutrition is a new Australian not-for-profit organisation led by medical and dietetic professionals dedicated to putting evidence-based nutrition at the heart of healthcare. Their mission is to 'bring food back to healthcare' The aim of Doctors For Nutrition is to grow awareness about the benefits of whole food plant-based nutrition among the general public, healthcare professionals and within health institutions through education, outreach and research. By empowering practitioners, policy makers and the public with this vital information, Doctors For Nutrition aims to prevent unnecessary suffering for patients and reduce the unsustainable costs of healthcare.

From hospital menu makeovers to government health policy overhauls, academic medical curriculum updates and much more, Doctors For Nutrition has ambitious plans. Its annual Nutrition in Healthcare Conference will be the peak event for qualified experts to share the science and practical implementation of a whole food plant-based diet with their peers and the general public.

The inaugural Nutrition in Healthcare Conference is in Melbourne on 15-16 February 2019. Delegates will include professionals from the medical and allied healthcare fields, as well as the broader public and other professions with an interest in embracing health-promoting lifestyles. International keynote speakers include Dr Neal Barnard, Dr Scott Stoll and Dr Luke Wilson.

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Vegan Australia is an animal rights organisation that campaigns nationally for veganism. 
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