New Australian film: 'RAW - The Documentary'

11 Feb 2017

Have you ever run a marathon? Well done! How about a marathon every day for a year? No? You might be surprised to learn that two runners, both in their 60s and one a cancer survivor, completed a marathon a day around Australia for 366 days straight, and eating only a raw, vegan diet.

In 2013, Janette Murray-Wakelin and Alan Murray set out to do what many thought to be impossible: running 366 marathons (43 km each) on consecutive days over the course of a year, fuelled solely by raw fruit and vegetables.

A new documentary follows their triumphant journey, Running Raw Around Australia, through one of the harshest climates in the world, as they break world records and overcome obstacles.

'RAW - The Documentary' not only charts the couple's challenges and experiences on their 16,000 km journey, but also delves into the lives of these inspirational people. We see love stories unfold with their family, their health, their purpose, their natural environment and each other.

Their achievements are all the more remarkable as we learn that Janette Murray-Wakelin, aged 64 when she ran the marathons, had recovered from breast cancer just 12 years earlier.

The film is a feel-good personal story conveying a positive message of what can be achieved through living a kind, compassionate and environmentally aware conscious lifestyle.

Special gala premieres of this powerful and uplifting film will be held in Melbourne on 19 February and Sydney on 11 March 2017. These premieres will be entertaining fund-raising events, featuring a live Q&A with Janette and Alan.

The Melbourne event also features entertainment duo Stinky Picnic and guest speaker Philip Wollen OAM. The Sydney event features entertainment by singer Mem Davis and guest speakers barefoot running coach Sally Lynch, psychologist Clare Mann and author Katrina Fox. Both events also feature a silent auction to raise funds for the couple's continued work in raising awareness around health, animals and the environment.


Vegan Australia is an animal rights organisation that campaigns nationally for veganism. 
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