It's Do Something! Day

26 Jan 2017

It's Do Something! Day. Every year, 19 July is a day to encourage people to become aware of injustices and to do something about them.

Do Something! Day promotes positive social and environmental change, with the message "when you see a need, do something to help."

One huge need that most people aren't aware of concerns the 500 million farmed animals who suffer and die each year in Australia.

Everyone believes that is wrong to inflict unnecessary suffering on animals and the fact is we don't need any animal products to live a healthy life.

So the easiest and most direct way for you to help all these animals is by going vegan and encouraging others to do the same. You will not only be helping animals, but also other people and the environment.

Make Do Something! Day the day you live up to your real beliefs and go vegan.


Vegan Australia is an animal rights organisation that campaigns nationally for veganism. 
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