I truly believe the world will be vegan one day

04 Feb 2016

Profile of a new vegan: Emma Murray has been 100% vegan for 4 months, and her is partner too! Here is her vegan story.

Prior to becoming vegan I was vegetarian for 8 years, between ages 12-20. I became a meat eater again for two years. There were many reasons for this, partially ignorance, partially curiosity and partially the pressure peers and guardians had on me at that stage of my life. Then, I decided to watch 'Cowspiracy' which I found out about by watching vegan Youtubers. I made the switch, I encouraged my partner to sit and watch it with me, I wanted him to be educated on the topic but I didn't expect him to change his ways; he did. We both happily enjoy cooking together.

I try keep active in the vegan community online, I've started my own YouTube channel (Emma lee Jane vlogs) which is a hybrid of a vlog channel and a vegan-chat and facts channel. I also post all my vegan goodies on Instagram and keep updated with vegan posts in Facebook groups. When I was 12 I remember there was really no community and barely any good vegan substitutes for anything. I'm really proud to have watched this community expand and grow. I truly believe the world will be vegan one day.


Vegan Australia is an animal rights organisation that campaigns nationally for veganism. 
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