Help get Dominion released on Netflix

09 Jul 2018

Video is one of the most effective ways to educate people about animal rights and veganism. Documentaries such as Cowspiracy, Earthlings, Lucent, What the Health and Forks Over Knives have changed the lives of millions of people and have saved the lives of countless animals.

Dominion is a new documentary focusing on how animals are used and exploited in Australia. To be most effective, we need more people to have the chance to see this film and one of the best places for it to be released is on Netflix. Netflix has millions of subscribers, with a high number of young viewers. Young people respond best to films such as Dominion.

How can we make this happen? Easy! Just click here and request "Dominion (Documentary)" to let Netflix know there is a demand for this film. You don't need to be a Netflix subscriber to add your suggestion.


Vegan Australia is an animal rights organisation that campaigns nationally for veganism. 
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