First Youth Animal Rights Conference this weekend

18 Sep 2018

Young people have proved they are key to changing the public's attitudes towards animals. They are at an age where they are much more likely to be open to the facts around animal use and what they can do about it. The vegan and animal rights movement is growing rapidly and much current activism is being led by young people.

Below is a short article by Harley McDonald-Eckersall introducing the exciting launch of the Youth Animal Rights Conference this Saturday in Melbourne.

In April 2018, one month after completing their first successful leadership and development program, Catalyst, the team at Young Voices for Animals (YVA) arranged a meeting to discuss what came next. We wanted to do something big, something bold, something that centred animals in discussions about the way humans treat other animals and, crucially, something that was as fresh and new as the young people that they were making it for. It was at that meeting that the YVA team developed the seed of an idea which would grow into yARC 2018, Australia's first ever Youth Animal Rights Conference.

yARC is an acknowledgment and celebration of the power and potential of young animal rights activists to build a truly liberated world. Centred around the concept of radical inclusivity, yARC combines education, empowerment and community building in a one-day conference featuring speakers from groups such as Sea Shepherd, Animal Liberation Youth, Melbourne Youth for Refugees, Compassionate Living Vegan Markets, Edgar's Mission, the Dominion Movement and Voiceless the Animal Protection Institute, as well as individuals speaking on issues spanning mental health and self-care to how veganism as a social justice movement can express itself beyond consumer choices.

yARC intends to challenge and inspire its attendees, encouraging them to tap into the well of potential that they all have, to advocate for animal rights and veganism in a way that suits their unique skills and abilities. At YVA, we see that young people and their ideas are the building blocks for the future; the world we are building is the world that they will inhabit. It is therefore critical to engage young people in the conversation surrounding animal rights and include their voices and perspectives as we plan the roadmap to liberation.

yARC 2018 is being held from 9:30 am - 5:00 pm on 22 September 2018 at the Multicultural Hub, 506 Elizabeth St, Melbourne. You can buy tickets at:

To find out more about Young Voices for Animals and the Youth Animal Rights Conference visit our website at or find us on Facebook and Instagram @yvaAustralia.

Vegan Australia is an animal rights organisation that campaigns nationally for veganism. 
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