First drought appeal funds now distributed

10 Sep 2018

Your generous donations have now been distributed to those drought-affected farmed animal sanctuaries most in need. In deciding how to divide up the fund, we have tried to be fair and support those where it will make the most difference for the animals. We looked at the number of animals cared for by the sanctuary, the type of animals (eg cows vs chickens), whether the sanctuary's own pastures are affected by drought, the increase of hay prices in the area, etc.

We have now distributed the first $10,000 received. But more is still needed to cover all the extra expenses incurred by sanctuaries affected by the drought.

I have heard from many sanctuaries that the drought has caused extreme financial and emotional distress and that this still is a crisis situation in many places.

If you have already donated, please share this link on social media and encourage others who care about animals to donate:

So far, these sanctuaries have benefited:

A Place of Peace Sanctuary, ACT environs $2000
A Poultry Place, ACT environs $500
Cranky's Farm Animal Rescue Mission, QLD $500
Deathrow Unchained Animal Rescue, QLD $500
Farm Animal Rescue, QLD $1000
Freedom Hill Sanctuary, SA $1000
Hart Acres Animal Haven, NSW $1000
Little Oak Sanctuary, ACT environs $500
Lucky Stars Sanctuary, ACT environs $500
MariDan's Menagerie, QLD $500
Peanuts Funny Farm, NSW $500
Save A Cow Foundation, QLD $500
Signal Hill Sanctuary, ACT environs $500
Whisker Woods Sanctuary, ACT environs $500

If you have not already donated, please DONATE NOW.


Greg McFarlane
Vegan Australia

Vegan Australia is an animal rights organisation that campaigns nationally for veganism. 
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