Farmers Federation admits egg-laying hens suffer

06 Sep 2016

In a recent article published on the National Farmers' Federation website, the Victorian Farmers' Federation Egg Group has admitted that egg-laying hens suffer no matter what farming system they are in. They admit that the hens suffer from disease and bone fractures, there is a risk of feather pecking and cannibalism and hens can't display all their natural behaviours. They say "No system is perfect in terms of animal welfare outcomes."

In other words, hens used in egg production suffer no matter how "humanely" they are farmed. Since no one needs to eat eggs, or any other animal product for that matter, the logical thing to do is to stop using animals in agriculture. It's time for Australia to move to a 100% vegan agricultural system.

Vegan Australia is campaigning to end the use of animals in agriculture. Please join us. And leave a comment on the National Farmers' Federation article and let them know your thoughts.

Vegan Australia is an animal rights organisation that campaigns nationally for veganism. 
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