Farmed animal sanctuaries and the drought

23 Aug 2018

The current drought is causing widespread suffering in many parts of Australia. Nearly all of NSW and most of Queensland are in drought with other states also being affected. Farmed animal sanctuaries are also being hit hard by the drought.

Farmed animal sanctuaries can be found in nearly all states of Australia. These sanctuaries are run by incredibly hardworking and dedicated people who care for animals rescued from the animal agriculture industries and look after them for the rest of their lives.

The sanctuaries are a home-for-life for thousands of animals, including cows, sheep, pigs, goats, chickens and turkeys.

The sanctuaries are also places where people can become familiar with farmed animals as individuals and learn each animal's unique (and often traumatic) story. Some sanctuaries have open days where you are welcome to come and meet the animals. For more information on each sanctuary, please see our list of public farmed animal sanctuaries in Australia.

Many larger sanctuaries care for hundreds of animals, with some being bigger than the average farm in their area. The drought is affecting sanctuaries in a number of ways: there is little or no grass in the paddocks, dams are running dry and prices of hay, feed and water are increasing dramatically. Also, hay is now becoming very hard to find.

Although many sanctuaries are struggling with the drought conditions, they are unable to access any of the over $1 billion of government drought assistance nor do they get help from fundraising campaigns such as Buy A Bale. They miss out because they are not farming animals for primary industry. But they still have animals to feed. These sanctuaries need help right now.

To support sanctuaries affected by drought Vegan Australia has launched the Save A Sanctuary Drought Appeal. Every dollar raised will be used to help animals with food, water, vet fees and other essentials.

We have contacted all farmed animal sanctuaries in Australia, asking them if they have been affected by the drought, how many animals they care for and if they require any assistance. All who replied have said they have been affected by the drought either directly or by higher feed prices.

Time is of the essence. Sanctuaries suffering from prolonged dry weather conditions are running short of food and finding it very hard to source due to shortages and rising prices.

You can help these sanctuaries get through this difficult time by donating to the Save A Sanctuary Drought Appeal. We will ensure all your money goes to helping animals.

Currently we have identified the following farmed animal sanctuaries as being in need due to the drought. We are still waiting on others to get back to us. We will divide up the funds according to the immediate needs of the sanctuaries.


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