End poultry farming!

20 Feb 2018

Your chance to speak for millions of birds

Demand that chicken farming comes to an end!

Now is your chance to think big. The Australian government is holding an inquiry into the poultry industry. This is an opportunity to let them know that the welfare of farmed chickens and other birds would be best served by not breeding, raising and killing them in the first place.

Note: The consultation has now closed. 940 caring Australians made submissions calling for an end to chicken farming. No further submissions are being accepted and the petition has now closed, with over 1000 signatories. The petition wording is below.


To Animal Health Australia,

In response to the draft standards for poultry, I note that:

  • Humans can live happy and healthy lives without consuming the products of the poultry industry (or any other animal industry).
  • No matter what farming "system" is used to raise chickens and other birds, whether caged, barn or "free range", they all suffer and they all die in a slaughterhouse at a fraction of their natural lifespan.
  • All of the options under consideration in this review assume that the breeding, raising and killing of poultry will continue indefinitely in Australia.

I propose that another option be included, one to phase out the farming of chickens and other birds. This proposal is based on the science of animal sentience and nutritional science.

No regulation of animal farming can ensure the wellbeing of animals who do not want to die.

For all animals.

Vegan Australia is an animal rights organisation that campaigns nationally for veganism. 
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