Be part of Australia's Largest Vegan BBQ 2020

11 Feb 2020

Save lambs by hosting your own vegan BBQ this summer to promote plant-based alternatives to lamb and raise vital funds for Farm Animal Rescue (FAR). 2020 is the third year running for Australia's Largest Vegan BBQ event, with people from across Australia hosting their own vegan BBQs for friends, family and work colleagues.

FAR's volunteer Director of Strategy & Engagement, Joanne Webb, said the registered charity came-up with the Australia's Largest Vegan BBQ concept in 2017 with the objective of creating a new Aussie tradition and raising awareness about the 19 million lambs who are slaughtered for food each year in Australia.

"Australia's Largest Vegan BBQ encourages Aussies to reject the antiquated heritage of barbequing lambs over summer, and instead come together to share and try kinder, healthier and more sustainable plant-based alternatives," Joanne said. "Today, more than ever people are waking-up to monumental damage that animal agriculture has caused our nation and are looking for ways to save animals, the environment and evolve to more sustainable dietary choices.

"There are so many delicious vegan options, and hosting your own BBQ fundraiser for FAR is a wonderful opportunity to share cruelty-free food and introduce more people to kinder food choices.

"Speaking about the horrific lives that lambs are bred into for food is not easy. At FAR, we share the amazing stories of the farm animal residents who live at the sanctuary to help change people's hearts and minds.

"Meet Greta (pictured) - she is an adorable and inquisitive little lamb who is bottle-fed daily and given supplements to nourish her little body in the absence of her own loving mother. Now part of the playful FAR sheep herd, Greta has world-class care, security, feed and water as she deserves. She has bonded with other, now older lamb rescues, like five-year-old Isabella who also escaped slaughter and has blossomed into a gentle and affectionate young lady. Watch Isabella's story.

Register to be part of Australia's Largest Vegan BBQ 2020 here and help save more lambs likes Greta and Isabella. Let's make this the biggest yet!

Vegan Australia is an animal rights organisation that campaigns nationally for veganism. 
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