11 year old asking tough questions. Will you listen?

25 Oct 2017

11 year old Brisbane student, Amani Dunlop, is asking climate change questions we should all be asking. Amani wants to inform her community about the role animal agriculture plays in climate change.

Amani says "I am very passionate about the environment and especially the role animal agriculture plays in the climate change story. I decided to use this opportunity to raise awareness in my community about this issue." Amani says that, while she is vegetarian now, she want to become vegan eventually.

Amani's presentation will be supported by various leading climate change experts who will contribute to a lively and informative discussion. The event will be recorded and local media will be invited.

Amani will be speaking as part of her school's KidzBiz program. at 5:30pm Saturday 28 October 2017 at Samford Community Hall, Brisbane.

An 11 year old is asking to be heard. She wants to make a difference. Will you listen to her perspective?

Tickets are free.

Vegan Australia is an animal rights organisation that campaigns nationally for veganism. 
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