Victorian Pig Welfare Inquiry

Vegan Australia sought to maximise the number of public submissions to this government inquiry, thereby making a meaningful impact to the lives of farmed pigs.

In January 2024, Vegan Australia collaborated with aligned groups across Australia to maximise the number of public submissions to the Victorian Pig Welfare Inquiry. While holding firm to our position that pigs should never be killed and eaten, we helped others in the vegan community express their views to the committee, with the goal of ending the exploitation of these beautiful animals.

The Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into pig welfare was initiated after Farm Transparency Project exposed the use of gas chambers in Australian slaughterhouses. Chaired by Animal Justice Party MP, Georgie Purcell, the inquiry sought to investigate and suggest improvements to the welfare of farmed pigs in Victoria. The committee was formed to report specifically on the following issues:

  • Existing regulatory frameworks and their promotion of pig welfare outcomes
  • Methods used to stun pigs before slaughter
  • Outcomes of the 2017 industry-led phase out of sow stalls
  • Current pig breeding and housing practices
  • International industry best practice standards

Motivated to amplify the vegan voice, we recruited as many people as possible to use our free step-by-step guide to write a submission. Out of the 278 people that accessed our resources, 82 confirmed their submissions; these individuals were sent a commemorative card impregnated with forget-me-not seeds as a way to honour the lives lost to this barbaric industry. It also marked a symbolic end to the campaign (for now).

This campaign represented a collective call to action to make a meaningful impact to the lives of farmed pigs. While we support welfare campaigns like this, Vegan Australia advocates for an end to the farming and killing of all animals in Australia.

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