Send a question to Climate Solutions episode on ABC Q+A this Monday

08 Feb 2020

This Monday, the ABC TV Q+A program is doing an episode on Climate Solutions. Unfortunately they will probably ignore the major contribution of animal agriculture to global warming, so we encourage everyone to ask a question about this.

We have listed some questions below. Please use these or create your own. Find out how to submit a question here.

Questions to ask Q+A program on Climate Solutions

Q. Animal agriculture uses 54% of the Australian landmass. Removing farmed animals and rewilding the land with native animals and plants would sequester huge amounts of carbon. Should we add this as an effective way to address the climate emergency?

Q. Most land clearing in Australia is for cattle grazing. This land clearing releases the carbon dioxide stored in trees and scrub. Should we stop clearing land and start to reforest it?

Q. Animal agriculture emits 44% of the world's methane, a short lived, highly potent greenhouse gas. Should more emphasis be put on reducing these emissions from animal agriculture?

Q. To avoid overshooting 1.5 degrees warming and thus triggering climate tipping points, do you agree that we must address both short lived and long lived greenhouse gases? If so, do you agree that we must reduce the methane and other short lived gas emissions from animal agriculture?

Q. Price signals are an effective way to change consumer behaviour. To decrease consumption of goods that cause high levels of greenhouse gases, should an environmental tax be levied according to how much greenhouse gases are embodied in a product?

Q. Considering we have such a short time frame to enact solutions, would methane from animal agriculture be an effective target of reduction due to it being a potent greenhouse gas and its short lifespan in the atmosphere?

Q. Global demand for meat and other animal products is predicted to grow significantly in the next decades, thus increasing emissions from animal agriculture relative to the hopefully falling emissions from fossil fuel use. In anticipation of this, should we begin to encourage a move towards plant-based foods?

Q. Many scientists and organisations state that by replacing livestock products with alternatives we could reverse climate change. They have also said that eating less meat is the most attractive opportunity for making immediate changes to climate change. Why is Australia so slow in listening to the science on animal agriculture and climate change?

Q. The U.N. has identified the animal industries as 'one of the most significant contributors to today's most serious environmental problems', including global warming, species extinction, loss of fresh water, rainforest destruction, spreading deserts, air and water pollution, acid rain, soil erosion and loss of habitat. Isn't it about time governments and environmental organisations take more seriously the havoc caused to the world environment by the billions of animals we raise and kill for food each year?

Q. The potential for an Australian alternative meat industry is huge and could become a major employer and exporter. Should the government do more to help Australia become a leader in plant based meat alternatives?

Vegan Australia is an animal rights organisation that campaigns nationally for veganism. 
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