New Australian Vegan Magazine now in a newsagent near you

15 Mar 2017

The Australian Vegan Magazine has just hit the shelves of a newsagent near you! This new bimonthly magazine aims to be part of the growing movement to raise awareness about animal suffering and to help end it.

The magazine is a great read, very well laid out and professionally presented. It is available in newsagents around Australia. Check this list of newsagents for one near you. But be quick - they are selling fast.

The magazine is 100 pages and covers topics such as Why we go vegan, The truth about milk, vegan recipes, news, What's on and many more.

The magazine editor, Michaela Gainey, is a journalist and graphic designer. We asked her how the first issue has been received. Michaela says 'The feedback has been phenomenal. I've even had a lady write to me that she cried tears of joy when she read the magazine because she felt "at home". It's been amazing. It is selling very well. I've heard from a reader who told me that her store had sold out and she was the 8th person to come in AFTER the magazine sold out looking for a copy. I'm definitely going to increase the print run when I can.'

How have you personally felt about the whole experience?

'It's been an amazing experience. From the want, to trying to make it into a possibility and then actually doing it in the end is a very rewarding experience. I've absolutely LOVED every moment of it. And I'm very passionate about it so I'm very lucky to be doing what I enjoy the most. A lot of people don't get that opportunity in life so I'm counting my blessings. I want to empower other vegans and be a useful information tool for vegans to absolutely thrive in their lives and I want to attract potential vegans who will then go onto influencing others. Basically, like most, I want to change the world, and this is the best way, using my skill set, my profession as a journalist and graphic designer, for me to be able to do that.'

The next issue of The Australian Vegan Magazine is May/June 2017 and will be available in newsagents in the beginning of May.

You can also purchase copies from the website

We congratulate the editor, Michaela Gainey, for what she has achieved with this excellent first issue. It marks a new milestone in the movement for animals in Australia.


Vegan Australia is an animal rights organisation that campaigns nationally for veganism. 
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