Australia's first Vegan Kids Magazine launched

09 Aug 2017

Melissa Vanderhorst is editor of the new Vegan Kids Magazine. Here is her announcement of the launch of the first issue of the magazine.

We are very proud to announce the release of the first ever Vegan Kids Magazine.

We believe that the best choice that anyone can make is to strive to become as vegan as they possibly can. With this in mind, Vegan Kids Magazine aims to educate, empower and create a sense of community with vegan kids to make them feel that they are part of an inclusive club no matter where they are on their vegan journey. Vegan Kids are a very special part of the vegan community and it is important that they are introduced to veganism in a way that is fun, engaging, and easy to understand.

Our magazine is jam packed with all things fun, interesting and vegan. It includes:

The Vegan Kids Club, which is where vegan kids can share their stories, experiences and anything else they'd like other compassionate kids to see.

Advice from medical professionals:

  • We have 2 awesome articles by vegan doctor, Dr Anthony Hadj from Melbourne. The first article is about the benefits of a plant based diet and the second article is addressing the question that we hear all the time 'Where do you get your protein?'
  • One of the most common things that people say to us as vegans is 'but, what about these canines'. Vegan dentist Helen Voronina from Melbourne addresses just that.
  • Being a vegan can be an emotional experience for even the most seasoned vegans. This is why we are so happy to have an article on how to be vegan in a non-vegan world by vegan counsellor, Hugo Jorge from Perth.

Amazing vegans sharing their stories on how they started their vegan journeys, what their favourite thing about being vegan is and also advice for vegan kids.

  • James Aspey, who is a vegan inspirational speaker
  • Tammy Fry from Fry Family Food Co
  • Natasha and Luca from YouTube's 'That Vegan Couple'

Heaps of fun facts and tips on how to be the best vegan ever.

Loads of fun activities to help kids learn about how to be a healthy vegan kid and animal rights.

Recipes from bloggers and families.

There are a few ways to grab the magazine. The first way is to pay a donation through the Vegan Kids Magazine Etsy page and this gets you the downloadable copy of the magazine. This is a self funded project and any donation is appreciated no matter how small. If you cannot afford to make a donation please feel free to contact us and we will send you a link.

The second way is to purchase a printed copy of the magazine from our Etsy page.

In honour of the release of the magazine (and thanks to a donation by Dr Anthony Hadj) we are happy to announce that for the first 100 buyers of the printed copy of the magazine you will not only receive one but two copies of the magazine.

This means each kid who receives the magazine has a mission. Their mission is to find a pal and with the permission of their guardians give the magazine to them. Maybe there is a kid in their life they can think of, or they can hold onto it until the time feels right. This way we can share the information and the vegan love.

Thank you all for reading and we wish you a bright shiny vegan day!

Creator of Vegan Kids Magazine


Vegan Australia is an animal rights organisation that campaigns nationally for veganism. 
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