10 things I changed my mind about vegan activism, Tobias Leenaert

17 Sep 2019

Below is a talk by Tobias Leenaert on '10 things I changed my mind about in 20 years of vegan activism' at the 2019 Animal Rights Conference.

Some of these points are contentious, but they are worth listening to, especially the last.

  • Vegans can be biased too.
  • There is great value in forming alliances with other movements, such as environment and health, and businesses.
  • It's not all about personal change, institutional change is necessary.
  • To get to a vegan world, we need to reach a tipping point. Before that tipping point focusing too much on veganism may be counter productive.
  • Animal welfare campaigns are important for both improving the lives of animals and as a way of raising awareness of abolitionism.
  • We should care about wild animal suffering as well as the suffering caused by humans.
  • Some animal domestication is ok, as long as it is symbiotic.
  • A vegan world is within reach, possibly within our lifetimes. So keep it up.

Vegan Australia is an animal rights organisation that campaigns nationally for veganism. 
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