Save A Sanctuary Drought Appeal raises over $10,000 in first week

28 Aug 2018

Congratulations! In just one week you've helped raise over $10,000 for farmed animal sanctuaries through the Save A Sanctuary Drought Appeal.

Vegan Australia is now distributing the funds to those sanctuaries most in need and will keep you informed. But in the meantime we need to keep on helping. The drought is not over and no one knows when it will break.

In the past week, we have heard from many sanctuaries and they have let us know how much this drought is costing them. In total it is a staggering $50,000 per month! The Save A Sanctuary Appeal will be open until the rains come and the drought breaks, so please donate if you haven't already. And please share the appeal with your friends and on social media. The link is

The help you give really makes a difference to animals like Greg (pictured), a water buffalo rescued from the buffalo dairy industry. He was only days away from slaughter when he was rescued as just a tiny calf. He now lives at his forever home at Maridan's Menagerie, one of the farmed animal sanctuaries helped by the Save A Sanctuary Drought Appeal.


Vegan Australia is an animal rights organisation that campaigns nationally for veganism. 
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