Launch of new directory of vegan-friendly eateries

28 Oct 2016

[Please note that VegieFind is now closed.]

(From VegieFind media release) During Vegetarian Awareness month, VegieFind launched Australia's first search engine for qualified vegie-friendly eateries! VegieFind has painstakingly scoured Australia to showcase 2,000 (and counting!) of the best qualified vegie-friendly food-spots. You can now quickly search for nearby restaurants, cafes, food-trucks, juice bars - and more! - that can can cater to your hankering for a vegan or vegetarian meal. Anytime, anywhere, on any device. Just visit

In early 2015, 24 year-old VegieFind founder and vegan, Piam Samian, was hungry and in a hurry. He pulled out his phone to search for an eatery that could accommodate his needs. Frustratingly, the so-called "vegie-friendly" eateries listed on the regular restaurant finders only offered greasy chips and soggy garden salads as their vegan options. Piam wondered: why isn't there a way to quickly locate genuinely vegie-friendly eateries in Australia?

Well, there is now.

VegieFind understands what you want in a vegie meal. They know you want diversity and tasty nutrition - not a bland bowl of pasta or a bowl of rocket. To be qualified, eateries on VegieFind must offer a minimum of four diverse and delicious vegan or vegetarian dishes, be willing and able to alter meals on demand to be vegie-friendly, and not have a name or brand that is directly animal related.

In a rush? Have a glance at the the VegieFind Rating on each profile - it's the indicator of how extensive, diverse and delicious that eatery's vegie offerings are. Don't feel like leaving the house? Any listing that sports the Deliveroo badge means you can get food delivered straight to your door! VegieFind have also partnered up with non-for-profit organisations, Animals Australia and The Sustainable Table, to fundraise for animal welfare and to support a more sustainable food system across the hospitality industry.

VegieFind are a close-knit team of young, passionate ethical-foodies who are raising the standard of plant based dining, and inspiring restauranteurs to meet the demand for tasty animal-free food. They're not trying to turn everyone vegetarian or stop you from ever eating a steak. They just want to make it easier for anyone to eat for the better: better for health, better for the environment and better for animal welfare.

"Because even if you just consume one plant-based meal," says Piam. "It has enormous positive impact."

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, vegie-curious, a clean eater, trying to lose weight, paleo, a foodie or just plain hungry - jump online at and see who is serving quality vegie food near you today.

Vegan Australia is an animal rights organisation that campaigns nationally for veganism. 
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