Celebrating Christmas vegan style

01 Dec 2019

What an amazing range of vegan products we have available this Christmas. Thanks to our guest writer Klara Walterova for researching and writing this special article, which will make your search for vegan Christmas products much easier. Have a merry and peaceful (for all!) Christmas.

With a growing number of vegan products on the Australian market, the Christmas season this year is going to be fabulous for everyone who eats a plant-based diet. The major Australian supermarkets are adding more and more vegan foods and they launch a new vegan product nearly every month.

If you are planning to host a cruelty-free Christmas dinner this year or you just want to contribute a plant-based dish or cookies, you have many vegan options available from the major supermarkets. Create a special ethical, plant-based Christmas dinner table where everyone will find something delicious.

Having a completely vegan Christmas has never been easier. Take advantage of the range of vegan options this year and make up a splendid vegan Christmas table that even meat eaters will admire!

This year is truly fantastic for vegan Christmas because the main supermarkets have introduced their plant-based Christmas roasts and several vegan fruit pies, stollen, pudding, sweets and cakes.

Coles supermarkets have responded to an increasing demand for vegan Christmas options and have released their Plant based Christmas roast with sweet chutney which is sold for $15. According to the Coles spokesman, this delicious vegan roast is lightly seasoned with mixed herbs and onion and served with a sweet chutney with hints of apple, tomato and rosemary. The roast is big enough to serve five people.

In a recent Choice taste test, vegan Christmas products were rated very well compared to non vegan ones. The Coles 9 Months Matured Christmas Pudding was rated in the top five tastiest puddings. Judges admired its moist and rich flavour.

Note that, even though these are all vegan products, many of them are highly processed and so should be eaten in moderation. Even vegan foods can be harmful to animals if they come in lots of packaging (landfill encroaches on habitat) or are grown or manufactured unsustainably. When possible, make meals yourself using healthy and sustainable whole foods as ingredients.

Specialist vegan shops

There are a number of vegan shops in Australia offering a great range of vegan Christmas products, such as The Cruelty Free Shop, Vegan Online and The Green Edge. You can shop in store, or use their online services, where everything can be ordered from a comfort of your home and it's delivered super-fast. Not so long ago, these were the only places where vegans could find a wide range of vegan foods, so they are well worth supporting.

If you live in South Australia, you can order a delicious Field Roast Celebration Half Roast, a Field Roast Hazelnut Cranberry Roast, a Field Roast Celebration Roast With Stuffing And Gravy or a A & T Vegan Roast Duck.

The Cruelty Free Shop (Sydney and Melbourne) has a wide range of Christmas offerings, including a Field Roast Classic Meatloaf, a huge Gardein Roast With Cranberry & Wild Rice Stuffing, a Field Roast Whole Celebration Roast With Bread Stuffing & Mushroom Gravy and many, many more.

The Cruelty Free Shop also offers many Christmas puddings, such as the Cruelty Free Pantry Traditional Christmas Pudding, the Cruelty Free Pantry Date & Butterscotch Christmas Pudding or the Pud For All Seasons Gluten-free Christmas Pudding.

Besides that, you can order a huge Christmas Vegan Cheese Platter that takes your Christmas party to a whole different level! The platter consists a selection of 4 or 5 plant-based cheeses along with vegan crackers.

Check out the rest of the Cruelty Free Shop's huge Christmas range.

The Green Edge in Brisbane lists six different vegan Christmas roasts, one of them being 1kg Suzy Spoon's Festive Roast. This roast is a delicious roulade of seitan, nuts, cranberries, and traditional herbs, all covered with crunchy coating. It's an absolute delicacy that will feed 5 to 6 people.

The Green Edge also offers Christmas advent calendar. Check them out and the rest of their Christmas range.

Woolworths Savoury

Woolworths Plant Based Loaf 600g ($14)
This plant-based Christmas loaf was launched in 2018 and Woolworths have put it back on the shelves this year.

Vegie Delights Roast 480g ($4.20)
This is a great option if you are looking for an inexpensive plant-based roast. The great thing is that the Vegie Delights Roast, is available all year round so you can have it any time.

Woolworths Sweet

Coles Savoury

Coles Sweet

Coles Strawberry Pineapple & Tutti Frutti Flavoured Candy Canes 30 Pack ($2.50)
Also peppermint, mango & orange, watermelon & lemon and strawberry flavours.


Drakes (South Australia)

Christ and Marzipan Stollen

Also check out this Supermarket Shopping Guide from the Compassionate Christmas website by Animal Liberation Queensland.

Vegan Australia is an animal rights organisation that campaigns nationally for veganism. 
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